Areas of expertise

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PHV PHARMA offers a complete, fast-turnaround analytical development service to provide the most accurate solution to your needs.

Development and validation of physicochemical and chromatographic methods:

•    stability-indicating dosage methods for active substances and preservatives
•    detection of degradation products, synthesis impurities and residual solvents
•    discriminatory dissolution testing

Stability studies (ICH)
•    forced degradation studies
•    studies under long-term, intermediate and accelerated conditions
•    container / content interaction studies
•    marketing monitoring (on-going stability)

We also offer the following studies in partnership with the University:

•    identification of impurities and degradation products using LC-MS/MS
•    structural analysis using two-dimensional NMR and mass spectrometry
•    polymorphism detection using DSC, XR, ATG
•    multielement dosing using ICP/MS

Impurities profile
•    identification of impurities and degradation products
•    genotoxic impurity limit tests
•    metal detection
•    preparation of reference compounds