Illustration PHV Pharma




In the middle of the countryside and with high environmental standards, the main office
of PHV PHARMA is located in premises appropriate to each area of its activity

and compliant with GLP & GMP criteria.

PHV PHARMA has a huge range of powerful analysis and synthesis equipment.
All of the equipment is serviced and quality-checked with approved suppliers.
The laboratory consists of two units, one for physicochemistry and analysis, and the other
for organic synthesis.


•    liquid chromatography using visible and diode array detection
•    liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry detection (LC-MS/MS)*
•    gas chromatography, flame ionisation and headspace
•    thin-layer chromatography


•    ultraviolet and visible spectrometry
•    Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FT-IR)
•    electronic impact mass spectrometry, chemical ionisation and electrospray
•    300 MHz NMR (1H, 13C, two-dimensional)*
•    X-ray diffraction analysis*
•    atomic absorption and ICP/MS analysis*


•    ICH testing in climatic chambers at 25°C/60% RH and 40°C/75% RH
•    drying chambers, desiccators
•    water content: Karl Fisher
•    water, purified and distilled water chain
•    generating set and alarm system in the event of equipment or power failures

Organic synthesis

•    hot plate stirrers
•    chemical reactors
•    pressurised tank
•    preparative columns

Pharmacotechnical tests (in partnership with the University)
•    disintegration test
•    viscosity, hardness, friability checks
•    laser particle size analysis
•    calorimetric differential analysis (active substance/excipient interaction)